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The Place to Go for Hard-to-Find Parts ...
So You Can Blaze Back on the Road in a Flash.
Global Auto Parts is Stockton’s leading supplier of premium quality parts for import vehicles.  We carry trusted parts from world-class manufacturers such as Akebono, NGK, Denso, Exedy, and KYB. If you're looking for AMSOIL or other specialty synthetic lubricants such as Redline, Motul, or OEM fluids, we've got you covered. You'll also find a great selection of specialty tools to help you get the job done right.  Give us a call or stop by today - our problem-solving team loves to find solutions to help you get back on the road!
Specializing in Parts for Asian & European Vehicles
 Acura  •   Audi   •  Toyota  •   Honda   •  BMW •  Infiniti 
           Mercedes  •  Scion  •  Nissan  •  Subaru  •   Isuzu  •  Mini 

     Suzuki  •  Mazda  •   Jaguar  •  Lexus  •  Kia  •  Mitsubishi   
             Volkswagen  •  Hyundai  •   Porsche  •  Saab

                      Volvo •  Land Rover  •  Saab  •  Geo

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