Helically Coiled Inserts & Thread Repair Kits

Perma-Coil helically coiled inserts are made of stainless steel wire that has been rolled to a carefully controlled thread form. When installed, Perma-Coil inserts adjust to a tapped hole, becoming a functional thread with a strength exceeding the original.

Perma-Coil inserts and repair kits are designed to repair stripped threads in a variety of metals, including aluminum, aluminum alloys, steel, and cast iron. If the original threads can be stripped, Perma-Coil inserts can repair them. 
Are you currently using Heli-Coil brand thread inserts?  According to the manufacturer of Perma-Coil inserts, the Perma-Coil inserts are fully interchangeable with Heli-Coil inserts.
We offer a complete line of Perma-Coil products, including metric and inch inserts, complete kits, and spark plug repair kits. For more information on pricing, availability, or the right thread repair kit for your needs, please give us a call. 
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